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The English version of the MtagBOX website is under construction.

The MtagBOX is the most flexible innovative RfiD, GPS and Communication BOX available. It is hardware, technology, protocol and system independent. The MtagBOX has an open interface for 3d parties for white labeled and tailor made solutions. It can communicates via fix Ethernet and wireless WiFI or M2M Mobile Sim. The MtagBOX can be used indoor and outdoor

It makes complex and expensive RfiD solutions and projects easy. The RfiD Project with the MtagBOX are easy to adapt, fast to  deploy, quick return on investment and can be totally integrated in 3d party systems. Easy to scale, white labeled, web based driven and has many applications.

For more information and becoming a distribution partner for your country
please contact us:

Lichtenauerlaan 102
3062ME Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)10




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